About Us

Mission Statement

Fun Without Guns is for children and families that we assist with those lost to any violence not just gun violence. Our primary purpose is to support those families through these crisis with community events, counseling, mentoring programs and some financial assistance to help mainstream them back into their daily routines.


Our vision is to keep families together even though the connection can be broken with families due to the loss of a loved one, affected by gun violence, lack of trust and commitment from the community.

Value Statements

Fun without Guns have values that guide who we are and what we stand for in every interaction.
1. Caring – Make a positive difference for others
2. Integrity – Be open, honest, and ethical
3. Collaboration – Partner for breakthrough results
4. Exploration – Be curious for the possibilities
5. Spirit – Inspire, encourage, and celebrate

Allyson Henderson | Vice President

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Asyra Staples | Treasurer

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Allison Reed | Secretary

Jayda Griffin | Communications Director

Elizabeth Mitchell| Consultant